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HLine h1 = new HLine();
float[] speeds = new float[3];
float ypos;

void setup() { 
  size(200, 200);
  speeds[0] = 0.1; 
  speeds[1] = 2.0;
  speeds[2] = 0.5;
void draw() {
  ypos += speeds[int(random(3))]; 
  if (ypos > width) { 
    ypos = 0; 
class HLine { 
  void update(float y) { 
    line(0, y, width, y); 

Description Creates a "new" object. The keyword new is typically used similarly to the applications in the above example. In this example, a new object "h1" of the datatype "HLine" is created. On the following line, a new array of floats called "speeds" is created.
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