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// The following short CSV file called "mammals.csv" is parsed 
// in the code below. It must be in the project's "data" folder.
// id,species,name
// 0,Capra hircus,Goat
// 1,Panthera pardus,Leopard
// 2,Equus zebra,Zebra

Table table;

void setup() {
  table = loadTable("mammals.csv", "header");

  println(table.getRowCount() + " total rows in table"); 

  for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
    int id = row.getInt("id");
    String species = row.getString("species");
    String name = row.getString("name");
    println(name + " (" + species + ") has an ID of " + id);

// Sketch prints:
// 3 total rows in table
// Goat (Capra hircus) has an ID of 0
// Leopard (Panthera pardus) has an ID of 1
// Zebra (Equus zebra) has an ID of 2
Description Reads the contents of a file or URL and creates an Table object with its values. If a file is specified, it must be located in the sketch's "data" folder. The filename parameter can also be a URL to a file found online. The filename must either end in an extension or an extension must be specified in the options parameter. For example, to use tab-separated data, include "tsv" in the options parameter if the filename or URL does not end in .tsv. Note: If an extension is in both places, the extension in the options is used.

If the file contains a header row, include "header" in the options parameter. If the file does not have a header row, then simply omit the "header" option.

When specifying both a header and the file type as the options parameter, separate the options with commas, as in: loadTable("data.csv", "header, tsv")

All files loaded and saved by the Processing API use UTF-8 encoding.
loadTable(filename, options)
filename String: name of a file in the data folder or a URL.
options String: may contain "header", "tsv", "csv", or "bin" separated by commas
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