Class Name



Datatype for storing and playing movies. Movies must be located in the sketch's data folder or an accessible place on the network to load without an error.


  • import*;
    Movie myMovie;
    void setup() {
      size(200, 200);
      myMovie = new Movie(this, "");
    void draw() {
      tint(255, 20);
      image(myMovie, mouseX, mouseY);
    // Called every time a new frame is available to read
    void movieEvent(Movie m) {;


  • Movie(parent, filename)


  • parentPApplet
  • filenameString


  • frameRate()Sets how often frames are read from the movie.
  • speed()Sets the relative playback speed of the movie.
  • duration()Returns the length of the movie in seconds.
  • time()Returns the location of the playback head in seconds.
  • jump()Jumps to a specific location within a movie.
  • available()Returns "true" when a new movie frame is available to read.
  • play()Plays a movie one time and stops at the last frame.
  • loop()Plays a movie continuously, restarting it when it's over.
  • noLoop()If a movie is looping, this will cause it to play until the end and then stop on the last frame.
  • pause()Pauses a movie during playback.
  • stop()Stops a movie from continuing.
  • read()Reads the current frame of the movie.