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import processing.sound.*;
SoundFile file;

void setup() {
  size(640, 360);
  // Load a soundfile from the /data folder of the sketch and play it back
  file = new SoundFile(this, "sample.mp3");;

void draw() {
Description Starts the playback of the soundfile. Only plays to the end of the soundfile once. If cue() or pause() were called previously, playback will resume from the cued position.
.play(rate, amp)
.play(rate, pos, amp)
.play(rate, pos, amp, add)
.play(rate, pos, amp, add, cue)
rate float: relative playback rate to use. 1 is the original speed. 0.5 is half speed and one octave down. 2 is double the speed and one octave up.
pos float: the panoramic position of this sound unit from -1.0 (left) to 1.0 (right). Only works for mono soundfiles!
amp float: the desired playback amplitude of the audiosample as a value from 0.0 (complete silence) to 1.0 (full volume)
add float: offset the output of the generator by the given value
cue float: position in the audiosample that playback should start from, in seconds.
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