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example pic
import processing.sound.*;
Pulse pulse;

void setup() {
  size(640, 360);
  // Create and start the sine oscillator.
  pulse = new Pulse(this);
  //Start the Pulse Oscillator.;

void draw() {

Description This is a simple Pulse Oscillator. You can control the width of the pulse using the width() function. A width of 0.5 makes this oscillator identical to a square wave.
width() Set the pulse width of the oscillator.
set() Set multiple parameters at once
play() Starts the oscillator
freq() Set the frequency of the oscillator in Hz.
amp() Change the amplitude/volume of this sound.
add() Offset the output of this generator by given value
pan() Move the sound in a stereo panorama.
stop() Stop the oscillator.
parent PApplet: typically use "this"
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