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A server sends and receives data to and from its associated clients (other programs connected to it). When a server is started, it begins listening for connections on the port specified by the port parameter. Computers have many ports for transferring data and some are commonly used so be sure to not select one of these. For example, web servers usually use port 80 and POP mail uses port 110.


  • import*;
    Server myServer;
    int val = 0;
    void setup() {
      size(200, 200);
      // Starts a myServer on port 5204
      myServer = new Server(this, 5204); 
    void draw() {
      val = (val + 1) % 255;


  • Server(parent, port)
  • Server(parent, port, host)


  • parenttypically use "this"
  • portport used to transfer data
  • parenttypically use "this"
  • portport used to transfer data
  • hostwhen multiple NICs are in use, the ip (or name) to bind from


  • disconnect()Disconnect a particular client
  • active()Return true if this server is still active
  • available()Returns the next client in line with a new message
  • stop()Disconnects all clients and stops the server
  • write()Writes data to all connected clients