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A client connects to a server and sends data back and forth. If anything goes wrong with the connection, for example the host is not there or is listening on a different port, an exception is thrown.


  • import*; 
    Client myClient; 
    int dataIn; 
    void setup() { 
      size(200, 200); 
      // Connect to the local machine at port 5204.
      // This example will not run if you haven't
      // previously started a server on this port.
      myClient = new Client(this, "", 5204); 
    void draw() { 
      if (myClient.available() > 0) { 
        dataIn =; 


  • Client(parent, host, port)
  • Client(parent, socket)


  • parenttypically use "this"
  • hostaddress of the server
  • portport to read/write from on the server
  • socketany object of type Socket


  • stop()Disconnects from the server
  • active()Returns true if this client is still active
  • ip()Returns the IP address of the machine as a String
  • available()Returns the number of bytes in the buffer waiting to be read
  • clear()Clears the buffer
  • read()Returns a value from the buffer
  • readChar()Returns the next byte in the buffer as a char
  • readBytes()Reads a group of bytes from the buffer
  • readBytesUntil()Reads from the buffer of bytes up to and including a particular character
  • readString()Returns the buffer as a String
  • readStringUntil()Returns the buffer as a String up to and including a particular character
  • write()Writes bytes, chars, ints, bytes[]Strings