== (equality)


Determines if two values are equivalent. Please note the equality operator (==) is different from the assignment operator (=) and although they look similar, they have a different use. If you're comparing two variables, the equality operator (==) only works with primitive data types like int, boolean, and char. It doesn't work with composite data types like Array, Table, and PVector.

Note that when comparing String objects, you must use the equals() method instead of ==. See the reference for String or the troubleshooting note for more explanation.


  • int a = 23;
    int b = 23;
    if (a == b) {
      println("the values of variables 'a' and 'b' are the same");


  • value1 == value2


  • value1int, float, char, byte, boolean
  • value2int, float, char, byte, boolean