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+ (addition)

int a = 50 + 5;  // Sets 'a' to 55
int b = a + 5;   // Sets 'b' to 60

String s1 = "Chernenko";
String s2 = "Brezhnev";
String sc1 = s1 + s2;
String sc2 = s1 + ", Andropov, " + s2;
println(sc1);  // Prints "ChernenkoBrezhnev"
println(sc2);  // Prints "Chernenko, Andropov, Brezhnev"

String s1 = "Gorbachev";
int i = 1987;
String sc1 = s1 + i;
println(sc1);  // Prints "Gorbachev1987"
Description Adds two values or concatenates string values. As a mathematical operator, it calculates the sum of two values. As a string operator, it combines two strings into one and converts from primitive datatypes into the String datatype if necessary.
value1 + value2
value1 String, int, float, char, byte, boolean
value2 String, int, float, char, byte, boolean
Related++ (increment)
+= (add assign)
- (minus)
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