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PGraphics pg;

void setup() {
  size(100, 100);
  pg = createGraphics(40, 40);

void draw() {
  pg.line(20, 20, mouseX, mouseY);
  image(pg, 9, 30); 
  image(pg, 51, 30);
Description Main graphics and rendering context, as well as the base API implementation for processing "core". Use this class if you need to draw into an off-screen graphics buffer. A PGraphics object can be constructed with the createGraphics() function. The beginDraw() and endDraw() methods (see above example) are necessary to set up the buffer and to finalize it. The fields and methods for this class are extensive. For a complete list, visit the developer's reference.

To create a new graphics context, use the createGraphics() function. Do not use the syntax new PGraphics().
beginDraw() Sets the default properties for a PGraphics object
endDraw() Finalizes the rendering of a PGraphics object
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