Metropop Denim

Fashion Photography and Generative Artwork by Clayton Cubitt and Tom Carden

Background / Example Applet


Last year, Tom Carden used the alpha version of Processing to produce a series of applets loosely based around the theme of attractors and particles. Working from a single code-base for particles operating under a gravity-like force, the presentation varied from smoke and spark effects to almost photographic abstract pixel exposures. One branch of the work was the result of an attempt to make a more ethereal and sketch-like visualisation of the forces at work. An example of this applet compatible with the latest release of Processing is available here.

Some time later, seeing the potential for integrating Tom's work with an upcoming fashion story he was shooting, photographer Clayton Cubitt got in touch and asked if high resolution images could be produced from the black and white version of the applet. Intrigued at the prospect of collaboration, Tom packaged up a version of his software which could preview and save large format images, and awaited the results.

Clayton set to work producing around 25 images from the software, with each one taking around 40 minutes to achieve the required finish. He then used the artwork whilst composing his photographs, using example prints to explain to the model what the finished story would look like, and arranging poses to best complement the essentially random process that had produced the inital artwork.

The finished results are published in the denim issue of Metropop magazine, and one image is shown below.

You can use the applets below to explore the process that Clayton used to create the cover shot and to view some of the alternative looks which Tom was experimenting with.

Image viewer by Christian Giordano, used with thanks.