Exhibition. A curated collection of projects created with Processing. New software added each month.

Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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by Lukas Vojir (Ed.)

Black and white, reactive monsters created by the Processing community.

Links: Rmx

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Big Screens 2

For the second year, Dan Shiffman's NYU students write software for a 120 by 12 foot video wall at IAC's world headquarters in NYC.

Links: Shiffman.net

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The Emergence Project
by Daniel Sauter, Mark Hereld

Realtime art installation that explores how complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of simple interactions.

Links: The Emergence Project, Daniel Sauter

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by Memo Akten, Owen Vallis, Jordan Hochenbaum

An interactive installation where participants engage in making generative / semi-generative / and or composed music by moving their fingers and objects around the Brick multi-touch surface.

Links: Memo.tv

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by Neil Banas

Tool for exploring the dynamics of coastal marine ecosystems. Exchanges between plankton populations push the system sometimes toward equilibrium, sometimes into simple cycles, sometimes into chaos.

Links: Banas' design, Banas' oceanography

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by Interface Design Team of FH Potsdam

Provides visual and tangible access to the conceptual networks behind architectural projects. The installation is part of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

Links: FH Potsdam, MACE

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by Joao Martinho Moura and Jorge Sousa

Space where the user interacts with a living image through his body movements.

Links: Joao Martinho Moura, Master in Technology and Digital Art

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Body Navigation
by Jonas Jongejan and Ole Kristensen for Recoil Performance Group

Infrared motion tracking and floor projection installation for a Danish Dance Theatre production with choreographer Tina Tarpgaard.

Links: Ole Kristensen, HalfdanJ, Recoil Performance Group

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News Knitter
by Ebru Kurbak & Mahir M. Yavuz

Visualization of news feeds as knitted garments.

Links: Mahir M. Yavuz

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by Peter Cho

A collection of reactive one-word poem landscapes.

Links: Typotopo.com, Pcho.net

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by David Muth

A generative video piece with music by Hiaz.

Links: DavidMuth.net

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by Lia

Generative, parameterized images and sound.

Links: strangethingshappen.org

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