Exhibition. A curated collection of projects created with Processing. New software added each month.

Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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Time Travel Tube Map
by Tom Carden

Reorganizes the London Underground map to visualize travel times from station to station.

Links: Tom Carden

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Fidg't Visualizer
by Protohaus

Visualize social networks through Flickr and LastFM tags.

Links: Protohaus

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Lovebytes 2007
by Universal Everything / Toxi

A population of unique friendly furry faces to appear across all festival literature for Lovebytes 2007.

Links: Universal Everything

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Reconfigurable House
by Usman Haque & Adam Somlai-Fischer

An environment constructed from thousands of low tech components that can be reconfigured by its occupants.

Links: Haque, Aether, Reorient

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Muon Launch
by Moving Brands

Audio responsive installation for the launch of the Muon speakers at the Milan Furniture Fair 2007.

Links: Moving Brands

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by Jonathan Harris

If we could make new constellations in today's night sky, what would they be? Universe is a system to help us decide.

Links: Jonathan Harris

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Software Kaleidoscope
by Suzung Kim

Installation for Samsung that turns images from the environment into symmetrical patterns.

Links: Studio Site Suzung

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State of the Union
by Brad Borevitz

Provides access to the corpus of all the State of the Union addresses from 1790 to 2006.

Links: onetwothree

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Yo soy la Juani
by Aleix Fernandez

The title sequence of Bigas Luna's feature film "Yo soy la Juani" (2006) was made using Processing.

Links: Onionlab, Yo soy la Juani

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by Lisa Strausfeld and James N. Sears

Physics-based modeling of the relationships between key phrases that describe terrorist attacks.

Links: Pentagram, JamesNSears.com

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by David Pereira

The continuous mutual shape of a shared public server.

Links: DavidPereira.com

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by The Barbarian Group

Interactive projection wall promoting Saturn for the 2006 Wired NextFest.

Links: The Barbarian Group

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