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by Zai Chang

Links: Zehao.com

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Net Worth
by Osman Khan

Links: Osman Khan

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Letter-pairs Analysis
by Martin Ignacio Bereciartua

Links: Martin Ignacio Bereciartua

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Unreal Art
by Alison Mealey

Links: Unrealart, Development Blog

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by Michael Chang

Links: mflux @ ucla

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by Robert Hodgin

Links: Flight404, Bit Shifter

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Metropop Denim
by Clayton Cubitt and Tom Carden

Links: Clayton Cubitt, Tom Carden

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ElectroPlastique 1
by Marius Watz

Links: Unlekker

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Thinking Machine 4
by Martin Wattenberg

Links: Bewitched

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by Ji-Hoon Byun & E.J. Gone

Links: Phantasian, Gone

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by Enrico Bravi, Mikkel Crone Koser & Paolo Palma

Links: Ortho-type

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