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Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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Acoustic Cartography
by Daniel Rothaug

Experiment in mapping sonic events into a concrete visual language.

Links: Acoustic Cartography, Zum Kuckuck

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by Limiteazero

A sound phenomenon represented through a spatial distribution of minimal elements, creating a sensitive environment influenced by the sounds generated in the surrounding space.

Links: Limiteazero

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by Andreas Gysin

Draw on multiple frames in time.

Links: www.ertdfgcvb.ch

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Getting Away with Murder
by Gabriel Dunne

Software for Papa Roach's "Getting Away with Murder" music video by Motion Theory

Links: Quilime, Motion Theory

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Ecstasy of Communication
by Lucas Kuzma

Simulation developed to model the expected behavior of a physical sound installation. Both potential and actual network connections are shown.

Links: Machinatus

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by Frederik Vanhoutte

Exploring volume and emotional texture with simple generative geometry. Interaction and randomness modify the structure.

Links: W:Mute

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Presidential Discombobulator
by Justin Manor

Admire Bush's tough stance on gay marriage, but just can't get enough of John Edwards' pouty lips? Curious about what a long-facer like Kerry can bring to the table, but just know you'll miss Cheney's fangs if there's a democratic upset?

Links: Justin Manor, SOSOlimited

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Friendster Pachinko
by Krister Olsson with sound by Yoshi Sodeoka

Gambling with Friendsters! A variation on Pachinko, with friends instead of shiny metal balls.

Links: Tree Axis, c505, Pretendster

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by David Crawford

Framerate and alpha values are stepped up and down. (Takes a long time to load, please be patient)

Links: SMS

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Portrait in Landscape
by Katya Moorman

Playing with the idea of the 'portrait' or snapshot. How can motion add to the viewer's perception of the person?

Links: lab5769, lab5769 portraits

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by Ariel Malka

Writing on a modular medium with recording & replaying capabilities. Give your fingers a few minutes on the keyboard to get warm.

Links: Chronotext, Chronotext Devices

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Burning Liquid Sky
by Mario Klingemann

Playing with particles is fun. Give this one a few seconds to get warm.

Links: Quasimondo Incubator, Quasimondo

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