Exhibition. A curated collection of projects created with Processing. New software added each month.

Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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Portrait in Landscape
by Katya Moorman

Playing with the idea of the 'portrait' or snapshot. How can motion add to the viewer's perception of the person?

Links: lab5769, lab5769 portraits

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by Ariel Malka

Writing on a modular medium with recording & replaying capabilities. Give your fingers a few minutes on the keyboard to get warm.

Links: Chronotext, Chronotext Devices

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Burning Liquid Sky
by Mario Klingemann

Playing with particles is fun. Give this one a few seconds to get warm.

Links: Quasimondo Incubator, Quasimondo

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Relations Environment
by Alessandro Capozzo

Each flocking creature connects with others by an ephemeral net of relations.

Links: Abstract-Codex, Ghost Agency

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by Francis Lam, Henry Chu

When the nude men come, the flowers blossom. Software for real-time video tracking and animation.

Links: db-db, Experimental Vision

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Star Nursery
by Ryan Alexander

Software for the R.E.M. video Animal. (Requires QuickTime)

Links: Ryan Alexander, Motion Theory

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Tech Support
by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

The year is 2020. The future of computing is a battle between two opposing forces...

Links: Coin-Operated

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by Toxi

A spatial overview of four letter words in the English language.

Links: Toxi homepage, Toxi processing work, Toxi blog

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by Mikkel Koser

"To the rescue!" "I'll save you!" "You'll be safe!" "Don't worry!"

Links: Beyond Three, Processing @ Beyond Three

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Cinema Redux
by Brendan Dawes

Compressing an entire film into a single image to reveal the editing rhythms and tone. Compare Vertigo, Taxi Driver, Deliverance, and more.

Links: Brendan Dawes

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Version B
by Matthew Jogan

An undulating spatial construction. Click and drag the mouse to change view. Press keys 1 through 6 to change the visualization.


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by Julia Stanat

Particle collisions generate a familiar structure.


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