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Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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Just Landed
by Jer Thorp

Links: blprnt.com

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John Henry von Neumann
by Chandler B. McWilliams

Links: brysonian.com

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In the Air
by Victor Viña, Nerea Calvillo

Links: Victor Viña, Nerea Calvillo

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by Vladimir Todorovic

Links: tadar.net, tadar Flickr

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by Ryan Alexander

Links: onecm.com, onecm Flickr

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The Jelly Face Experiments
by NYX (Liina Nilsson)

Links: NYX Blog

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New Year's Cards, 2001-2010
by Golan Levin

Links: Flong

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by Ben Hemmendinger

Links: benhem.com, RogueBasin

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Mud Tub
by Tom Gerhardt

Links: tomgerhardt.com, NYU ITP

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