Exhibition. A curated collection of projects created with Processing. New software added each month.

Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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Mud Tub
by Tom Gerhardt

This experimental organic interface allows people to control a computer while playing in the mud. Through an API built with Processing, artists and designers develop mud-controlled games, physics simulations, and expressive tools.

Links: tomgerhardt.com, NYU ITP

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by MOS (Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample, William Macfarlane)

This software is for stacking blocks within an environment of forces. As each unit is stacked it simultaneously calculates its own weight and balance in real-time to produce strange structural forms.

Links: MOScat, ComputationalPile, Arcade

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Terre Natale (Exits 2)
by Stewart Smith, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Aaron Meyers, Michael Doherty, and Hans-Christoph Steiner

A half-hour immersive visualization of human migration data; premiered at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, 2008. Produced under Diller Scofidio + Renfro, et al.

Links: Stewart Smith, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Aaron Meyers, Michael Doherty, Hans-Christoph Steiner

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MTV Brazil ID 2009
by Dimitre Lima

A software particle system creates variations of the MTV logotype.

Links: Dmtr.org, Piloto

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Interim Camp
by Marcus Wendt, Vera-Maria Glahn, Arran Poole

An experimental animation film based on drifting and morphing surface structures, created with a custom generative software tool. A meditation about the pursuit of an idea; about obstacles, struggle and failure along the way.

Links: field

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People Mover
by Aeolab

A clockwork of colorful 'mobiles' assembles and unwinds according to data collected by three users of Nokia N95 smartphones over a period of several months.

Links: Aeolab

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by Josh Nimoy

Turn your sound up. Draw lines on the black screen to bounce the balls. Enjoy the music.

Links: BallDroppings, JTNimoy.net

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by Yunsil Heo, Hyunwoo Bang

A playful space where people discover and explore virtual life.

Links: everyware

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Platonic Solids
by Michael Hansmeyer

Three-dimensional subdivision of platonic solids, inspired by Ernst Haeckel's 'Kunstformen der Natur.'

Links: Michael Hansmeyer, Subdivision Flickr Set

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by Lukas Vojir (Ed.)

Black and white, reactive monsters created by the Processing community.

Links: Rmx

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Big Screens 2

For the second year, Dan Shiffman's NYU students write software for a 120 by 12 foot video wall at IAC's world headquarters in NYC.

Links: Shiffman.net

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The Emergence Project
by Daniel Sauter, Mark Hereld

Realtime art installation that explores how complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of simple interactions.

Links: The Emergence Project, Daniel Sauter

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