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Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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by Josh On

In 2001 US CEOs were paid 411 times more than the average worker...

Links: They Rule, Future Farmers

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by William Ngan

Autonomous bezier fish swarm around their liquid environment. Press keys 0-3 to hide and reveal predator fish.

Links: Metaphorical, Royal College of Art

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by Boris Müller

An interpretation of the poem 'Der und Die' by Ernst Jandl

Links: Esono

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by Golan Levin

An interactive software system for the gestural creation and performance of real-time abstract animation.

Links: Yellowtail, Flong

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by Nikita Pashenkov

Alphabot is a virtual robot that is able to take the shape of any letter in the English alphabet as you type them on a keyboard.

Links: Alphabot, ACG

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by Glen Murphy

Creating a simulation from summery dreams of the one I love.

Links: Glen Murphy, Body Tag

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by Schoenerwissen

Reassembling a movieclip database by using the properties of the collected information to generate a new visual data matrix.

Links: Schoenerwissen, Minitasking

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by Reed Kram

Links: kramdesign

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by Ben Fry

An exploration into building representations for structures and relationships inside large sets of information.

Links: Genomic Cartography, ACG

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