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Translating issues (Read 1261 times)
Translating issues
Jun 4th, 2010, 9:53am
Hi all, again an issue that drives me crazy.

It really sounds simple, but I'm hitting the wall every time.

I wrote a class to move around in 3d space, and even posted it somewhere on these boards. But now I wanted to make a slight modification to this class.

What it does: it saves a current "focus" point in 3d space, around which you move & rotate the scene. Pretty basic really: the class is just xyz coordinates & rotate parameters saved.

Use it like this, and everything is well:

void draw() {

 focus.update(); // updates the focus' point coordinates with user input

 translate(width/2, height/2, 0);


 translate(focus.x, focus.y, focus.z);

 // Drawing

Except that after rotation, the axes on which this focus point moves are also rotated, making the whole thing quite a bit less intuitive (ie. pressing the left/right arrow keys now moves the scene up and down)

So I want to reset the matrix; map the user input (x, y, z vectors of the focus point) to the translated matrix, so that left stays left, right stays right, and one can still happily rotate the scene.

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Re: Translating issues
Reply #1 - Jun 5th, 2010, 1:12pm
When working on 3D games, I've just tended to flip the left/right axis if the up/down axis is crossed.  Brutish but works!
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