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compare colours (Read 1653 times)
compare colours
Jun 3rd, 2010, 4:07pm

i want to compare a one pixel image to a colour value in RGB. I want to do it with "for" and "if" commands, but i think it will get realy slow in the way i do it (i'm not a compact coder) I want it to take a range of a colour value, example:
insert red> compare to pixel images, if it's yellow, or dark red or orange, it's okay.

But how can i do this?
I was thinking to do something like R value 221 and take a range of 191 to 251.  And this for every value.

Sorry for my english Smiley

I've found a topic about this matter, but it doesn't ansfer my question.
Re: compare colours
Reply #1 - Jun 3rd, 2010, 6:07pm
once you load the image (PImage myImg=loadImage("pixel.png");) and get the color of the pixel (color pixelColor = myImg.get(0,0)), you can extract each RGB value from it using:

float r1 = red(pixelColor)
float b1 = blue(pixelColor)
float g1 = green(pixelColor) ...

then it's easy to test the range of variance for each value.
Re: compare colours
Reply #2 - Jun 4th, 2010, 1:27am
Note that in some cases, you might be more interested in the hue() of the pixel than in the raw RGB data.
Re: compare colours
Reply #3 - Jun 4th, 2010, 3:47am
He lelijkerd,

Use HSB as colorMode. Like PhiLo suggested, you can set ranges there more easily.

I'd suggest you make a certain subdivision (resolution) of hues, saturation and brightness. While the hue should be divided in around 10-12 "colors", this subdivision may be much more coarse (3) for the saturation & brightness if you ask me.
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