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Farsi, Arabic, and R2L languages (Read 1224 times)
Farsi, Arabic, and R2L languages
May 3rd, 2010, 8:47am

I'm writing a program that displays strings in Farsi that are stored in a MYSQL database. The program is able to display the font and letters correctly, but at some point in the transition from the db to the screen, the Farsi text gets reversed, and the letters become separated from each other. This is an issue for users of the program, because Farsi, Arabic and related languages are written in cursive, and even if I write a script to reverse the order of the string, the fact that the cursiveness is broken up means the text is unreadable.

I can't find any answers on this board that relate to my problem. I understand that rendering R2L languages is consistently an issue, but I would hope that there is some solution since these languages are so widespread.

Any help would be very appreciated by myself and my users in Kabul.

Re: Farsi, Arabic, and R2L languages
Reply #1 - Jun 4th, 2010, 12:01am

Unfortunately, Processing does not support right-to-left scripts with joining characteristics and different forms of letters. See this registered bug and Ben Fry's response:


But there is a smart hack done by Mohamed A. Maksoud which can be found here:


I didn't test this yet, but the method seems valid to me. Of course, some adaptations are needed for Farsi to include "گچ پژ".

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