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L-System with Processing (Read 3310 times)
L-System with Processing
May 29th, 2009, 8:34am
Hi, i want to show you some work of me.

I have implemented a L-System (OL-System with a Stack). With processing it is really simple to do color-manipulations and drawings  Smiley. So the hard part was the parsing of the L-System language. Once this was done, everything else is just as simple as coding in processing.

my Application is made of: 5 classes, 360 lines of code and two weekends work.

The application can :
- draw a user-defined L-System
- use random angles for the branching-structure.

...(not so much for now)...

here you can see a pic of it:

(edit the x's to t's -->(i didn't made more than 5 posts...))

This special L-System is made with the foollowing rules:

init -> X
F -> FF
X -> F[+X][---X]F[--X][++++X][++X]F[+X]FX

bye * Matze
Re: L-System with Processing
Reply #1 - Jun 1st, 2009, 2:34am
cool, any chance you'll make a processing lib out of it?

was working on something similar, got the basics working but then lost motivation to implement all the really interesting lsystem variants (probabilities, conditionals, etc), also precalcing several generations and that kind of stuff. but without visual applications it just became boring  Undecided
Re: L-System with Processing
Reply #2 - Jun 1st, 2009, 2:56pm
Thats pretty nice, i like it.
Re: L-System with Processing
Reply #3 - Jun 2nd, 2009, 8:19am
Nice... You should look at  "LMUSe"  .  It's written in JAVA (i.e. Processing) . It's work well and do something similar...
Re: L-System with Processing
Reply #4 - Jun 4th, 2009, 1:16pm

... i have thought about implementing a processing lib after some work on special L-Systems (stochastic., parametric, context-sensitive). I'm gonna release the java-sources and the jar-file soon.

btw... here is a little update, I've added some controls with the swing-api for java.
Here are the latest pics:

(still less than 5 posts...sry Wink, change h x x p : / / ...     to     h t t p : / / ...)


P.S.:  look at the console-output of eclipse, the final L-System String consists of 100252 elements, 13420 lines and 16807 leafs.
Re: L-System with Processing
Reply #5 - Jun 6th, 2009, 10:42am
that would be really cool.

i did some work for my thesis connecting l-systems with geoid generative stuff in c#, which was why i was redoing an lsystem lib in processing now, to be able to use it with other p5 stuff.

one can do some very interesting graphic things with applied l-systems. specially with p5 current wave of interest on datavis and social network monitoring, it could really bring a new dimension or breath of fresh air to the p5 community. atleast i would like to play with it abit Cheesy

so, gambare matze, gambare!  Wink
Re: L-System with Processing
Reply #6 - Dec 8th, 2009, 12:53am
That stuff Matze is doing looks really cool. I've recently been playing with L-Systems in both java and ruby implementations of processing myself (coding is much easier in ruby-processing). Before I came across this topic on the discourse I'd already started a project on kenai to build a library for L-Systems on processing (non-gui, but can be used with the processing ide). For some of the stuff I've done check my blog at http://martinpblogformasswritingproject.blogspot.com/. I have now added a download on my kenai project, revised library now supports stochastic rules, see under development libraries Smiley.

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