Libraries. Extend Processing beyond graphics and images into audio, video, and communication with other devices.

The following libraries are included with the Processing software. To include a library, select its name from the "Import Library..." option in the Sketch menu. These libraries are open source; the code is distributed with Processing.


Contributed Libraries must be downloaded individually. Select "Add Library..." from the "Import Library..." submenu within the Sketch menu. Not all available libraries have been converted to show up in "Add Library...". If a library isn't there, it will need to be installed manually. Follow the How to Install a Contributed Library instructions on the Processing Wiki for more information.

Contributed libraries are developed, documented, and maintained by members of the Processing community. For feedback and support, please post to the Forum. For development discussions post to the Create & Announce Libraries topic. Instructions for creating your own library are on the Processing GitHub site.

A complete list of libraries can be found online.